Tiger Eye – Courage, confidence and Success

अद्भुत है वह वाणी, जो कहे मन की बात,

बचाव करे व्यक्ति को, राहत दे सारे घात।


पीले रंग की चमक, जैसे सूर्य की किरण,

ताकत देती है मन को, बढ़ाती आत्म-विश्वास की खान।


काले रंग की विश्वास, संजीवनी समान,

अंधकार को हरते, प्रदीप्त करते ज्ञान।


तांबे रंग की संजीवनी, विलासित करती हार,

संतुलन बनाए रखती, देती शांति की बहार।


ऐसा है वह मनि, जिसका नाम है बाघ का आंख,

संपत्ति, स्वास्थ्य, साहस, उनका देता संगीत अबिधान।


Tiger's eye is a captivating gemstone known for its unique appearance and purported metaphysical properties. It is associated with astrological zodiac sign Leo, numerology, tarot card “strength”, and zodiac signs, each imbuing it with unique meanings and connections. the connections between tiger's eye and astrology, numerology, tarot, and zodiac signs add depth to its symbolism and usage as a metaphysical tool for personal growth, healing, and empowerment.

Tiger's eye is believed to have a range of uses beyond its aesthetic appeal, including in childbirth, studies, court cases, career advancement, spiritual healing, and even the stock market. In Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and placement, tiger's eye is believed to possess certain energies that can be harnessed to promote harmony and well-being in the home or workplace. Here's how it's thought to be beneficial in each of these areas:

Here are some of the benefits often associated with tiger's eye:

1. Protection: Tiger's eye is believed to provide protection against negative energies, psychic attacks, and ill wishes. It's thought to create a shield around the wearer, deflecting negativity and promoting a sense of safety and security.

2. Courage and Confidence: This stone is often associated with boosting courage, self-confidence, and inner strength. It is believed to help individuals overcome fears and take on challenges with a sense of determination and resilience.

3. Clarity and Focus: Tiger's eye is said to enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It may help clear the mind of distractions, allowing for better decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

4. Grounding and Stability: With its earthy energy, tiger's eye is thought to promote grounding and stability. It can help individuals stay centered, balanced, and anchored during times of change or uncertainty.

5. Manifestation and Willpower: Some believe that tiger's eye can aid in manifesting one's desires and goals by enhancing willpower, motivation, and the ability to take action. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which governs personal power and manifestation.

6. Emotional Healing: Tiger's eye is often used for emotional healing and support. It is said to promote harmony and balance within the emotional body, easing feelings of anxiety, fear, or self-doubt.

7. Physical Well-being: While not a substitute for medical treatment, some people believe that tiger's eye has physical healing properties and wear it to support the body's overall health and well-being. It is said to support the digestive system such as indigestion, acid reflux, and gastrointestinal discomfort, improve metabolism, and enhance overall vitality. Additionally, tiger's eye is thought to boost the immune system, promote detoxification, and support metabolic functions. Some also use it to alleviate physical pain and discomfort, such as headaches or muscle tension.

8. Spiritual Insight: Tiger's eye is associated with enhancing intuition and spiritual insight. It is believed to facilitate a deeper connection with one's inner wisdom and higher self, allowing for greater spiritual growth and awareness.

9.       Nightmares: Tiger's eye is often used as a protective stone to ward off negative energies, including disturbing dreams or nightmares. Placing a piece of tiger's eye under your pillow or wearing it as jewelry while you sleep is believed to help prevent nightmares and promote restful sleep. Its calming and grounding properties may also help soothe an overactive mind and promote relaxation, leading to more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep experiences.

10. Relationship Issues: Tiger's eye is associated with promoting harmony and balance in relationships. It is said to help couples communicate more effectively, understand each other's perspectives, and resolve conflicts with greater ease. Some people believe that wearing tiger's eye jewelry or keeping a piece of the stone in the shared living space can foster a sense of mutual respect, trust, and emotional connection between partners. Additionally, tiger's eye is thought to encourage self-confidence and assertiveness, which can be beneficial for addressing relationship issues and setting healthy boundaries.


11. Astrological Use: Tiger's eye is often linked with the zodiac sign Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun, and tiger's eye resonates with the fiery energy of this sign. It is believed to enhance the natural characteristics of Leos, such as their courage, confidence, and leadership abilities. However, tiger's eye can benefit individuals of any zodiac sign.

12. Remedy in Astrology: In astrology, gemstones like tiger's eye are sometimes used as remedies to balance planetary influences or mitigate challenging aspects in a person's birth chart. For example, if someone is experiencing a lack of confidence or struggling with self-expression, wearing tiger's eye jewelry, or carrying a tiger's eye talisman may help boost their self-assurance and communication skills.

13. Numerology: In numerology, each number is associated with specific qualities and attributes. Tiger's eye may resonate with certain numerological vibrations, particularly those related to the number 4, which is associated with stability, structure, and practicality. Individuals with a life path number, destiny number, or other significant numbers totaling to 4 may find tiger's eye beneficial for grounding and manifesting their goals.

14. Tarot Cards: In tarot, tiger's eye is not directly associated with any specific card. However, its energies align well with cards that symbolize strength, courage, and determination. For example, the Strength card in the Major Arcana often depicts a figure taming a lion, symbolizing inner strength and mastery over primal instincts. Tiger's eye can complement the themes of this card by providing support and resilience during challenging times.

15. Zodiac Signs: Aside from its association with Leo, tiger's eye can also resonate with other zodiac signs depending on its wearer's intentions and astrological influences. Its grounding and stabilizing properties may appeal to earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, helping them stay rooted and focused on their goals. Additionally, its protective qualities may benefit sensitive water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, providing a sense of security and emotional balance.

16. Childbirth: Tiger's eye is sometimes associated with providing support and protection during childbirth. It is believed to help ease the birthing process by promoting courage, strength, and calmness in both the mother and the newborn. Some also believe that tiger's eye can help alleviate fears and anxieties related to childbirth, creating a more positive and empowering experience for the mother.

17. Studies: Tiger's eye is often used as a study aid due to its ability to enhance focus, concentration, and mental clarity. It is believed to stimulate the mind and improve cognitive function, making it easier for students to retain information, stay organized, and perform well academically. Some people also use tiger's eye to boost motivation and confidence during study sessions, helping them stay committed to their educational goals.

18. Court Cases: In legal matters, tiger's eye is thought to provide protection and support to individuals involved in court cases or legal disputes. It is believed to help strengthen one's position, improve communication skills, and enhance clarity of thought, making it easier to present arguments effectively and make informed decisions. Tiger's eye may also help alleviate stress and anxiety associated with legal proceedings, promoting a sense of calm and confidence.

19. Career Advancement: Tiger's eye is associated with promoting success and prosperity in career endeavors. It is believed to enhance ambition, determination, and leadership qualities, making it easier for individuals to achieve their professional goals. Tiger's eye can also help individuals navigate challenges and setbacks in the workplace with resilience and confidence. Some people use tiger's eye to attract opportunities for advancement and recognition in their careers.

20. Spiritual Healing: Tiger's eye is valued for its spiritual healing properties, which are said to promote balance, harmony, and alignment of the mind, body, and spirit. It is believed to facilitate inner growth, self-awareness, and spiritual awakening by connecting individuals to their higher selves and intuition. Tiger's eye can also help release negative energies and emotions, allowing for emotional healing and transformation on a spiritual level.

21. Stock Market: In the realm of finance, tiger's eye is sometimes used as a tool for decision-making and risk management in the stock market. some investors believe that wearing or carrying tiger's eye can help them stay grounded, focused, and intuitive when making investment decisions. It may also provide a sense of protection and stability during volatile market conditions.

22. Vastu Shastra:. Tiger's eye is often recommended for placement in the southeast direction of a space, as this direction is associated with the element of fire and the planet Venus in Vastu. It is believed that placing tiger's eye in the southeast zone can enhance qualities like courage, confidence, and prosperity. It can be placed in the southeast corner of a room or home to activate positive energies related to wealth, success, and abundance. Placing tiger's eye gemstones or figurines in areas associated with financial transactions, such as the office or business area, to attract prosperity and good fortune. Tiger's eye can also be incorporated into decor elements like artwork, sculptures, or jewelry to infuse the space with its beneficial energies and enhance the overall Vastu compliance of the environment.

23. Energy level

The energy level associated with tiger's eye is often described as being grounding, stabilizing, and protective, yet also dynamic and empowering. Here's a breakdown of the energy levels commonly attributed to tiger's eye:

1. Grounding and Stabilizing: Tiger's eye is believed to have a strong grounding energy, helping individuals stay connected to the earth and rooted in the present moment. This grounding quality can provide a sense of stability and security, making it easier to navigate life's challenges with resilience and strength.

2. Protective: Tiger's eye is often regarded as a protective stone, creating a shield of energy around the wearer to deflect negative influences and promote a sense of safety and well-being. Its protective energy is thought to ward off psychic attacks, negative energies, and harmful intentions, allowing individuals to move through the world with confidence and peace of mind.

3. Dynamic and Empowering: Despite its grounding and protective qualities, tiger's eye also possesses a dynamic and empowering energy. It is said to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body, invigorating the spirit and igniting a sense of vitality and motivation. This dynamic energy can inspire courage, confidence, and action, helping individuals pursue their goals and manifest their desires with determination and enthusiasm.

Overall, the energy level of tiger's eye is characterized by a harmonious blend of grounding, protective, and empowering qualities, making it a versatile and valuable stone for personal growth, healing, and empowerment.

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While the tiger's eye is valued for its potential benefits in these areas, it's important to approach its use with an open mind and understand that individual experiences may vary. It can complement other holistic practices and therapies but should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment when needed. It's always advisable to approach its use with an open mind and to consult with professionals for matters such as legal issues and financial investments.